Free 8-shaft Loom Weaving Projects and Patterns

In honor of the amazing 8-shaft loom, Weaving Today has compiled three beautiful weaving projects available to you for free. It can be a big change when a handweaver decides to weave with more than 4 shafts and weave on an 8-shaft loom. The possibilities for what can be done with double the shafts are vast, and you can see the possibilities come to life with these beautiful scarf and shawl patterns perfect for 8-shaft looms. Beginners will find the projects easy to follow, detailed with instructions and images. Experienced weavers will love the beautiful projects and advancing their skills while creating a project they will be able to show off.


Discover new favorite projects for your eight shaft loom

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What’s inside?

If you’re looking to get into 8-shaft weaving, or if you’re just looking for some new projects to weave, Weaving Today’s new tutorial has three fabulous 8-shaft projects that will whet your weaving appetite. From shimmering Tencel to a combination lace and overshot in bamboo and just a hint of luxury knitting yarn, there is much to love in this new eBook.

Free projects for 8-shaft looms

How to Weave a Twill Scarf

A shimmering scarf in
advancing point twill By Virginia West

Tencel and twill are perfect partners for showing off color, shine, and drape. You’re sure to sparkle in this unique and elegant scarf!

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How to Weave a Shawl

Cashmere/silk and bamboo shawl By Carry Wilcox

Cashmere is often used by knitters for lace
sweaters or lightweight shawls. It is amazing
to think that it has an insulating quality greater
than sheep’s wool. To showcase such a special yarn, Carry used a draft
designed by Barbara Walker that features a
narrow band of overshot as a supplementary warp
on a ground cloth of bamboo, another soft yarn
that compliments the cashmere/silk.

Free Projects Perfect for the 8-shaft Loom

Free Scarf Weaving Pattern

Pacific Waves in
Tencel and bamboo by Coreen Hartig

Warp once and weave two scarves that capture the constantly changing
colors and movement of the Pacific Ocean.

Whatever you’ll be using your 8-shaft loom for, you’ll find this resource helpful.

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