Learn How to Weave: Weaving Terms, Warping a Loom and More

This type of woven lace uses floats in the warp and weft to create stunning lacy patterns. In this technique groups of floats in the warp and weft slide together to create to form the lace patterns. The result is a beautiful, intricate-looking cloth that can be used to make beautiful handwoven towels and other kitchen linens. Learning how to weave huck weave is actually quite simple. An odd number of threads is used in each block for both threading and treadling to create areas of the circular lace patterns that huck weave is known for.

As a weave structure, it can produce almost any type of fabric. Patterns and tips in this free eBook cover a lovely array of fabric types in many different materials: huck towels in thick, thirsty cotton, placemats of powerful, timeless color, and basics for creating beautiful lace fabric. It is the perfect structure for summer weaving: light and lacy and fun and quick to weave with one shuttle. Get started and learn this structure in a breeze with this guide and free huck lace patterns.


Weaving instruction to learn how to weave on a loom

Learn how to weave and all the types of weaving

What’s inside?

If you’re just learning how to weave, start with an overview of the equipment needed, and the descriptive weaving terms section. Once you understand the language of weaving, you’re prepared to learn how to warp a loom and will love the section dedicated to instruction on both front to back and back to front techniques. Once you’re a ready to start the weaving process, skip ahead to the free projects section and enjoy making fulled wool scarves in a fabulous array of colors—they’re quick and easy, and sure to be worn proudly for years to come!

Weaving instructions on warping

How to Warp Your Board

Steps for Warping: Front to Back and Back to Front

The entire weaving process takes great skill. Simply follow the step-by-step weaving loom instructions in the first section of this free eBook and you will be a master at warping from front to back and back to front, in no time. Read the expert tips provided for you, while looking at the images for guidance. There is even a picture of a loom with each part labeled for you, so you have no trouble following the weaving instructions.

Learn what equipment you will need in the weaving process

List of Weaving Tools

What Equipment Do I Really Need?

Learning to weave can be quite confusing if you don’t have the right tools to work with. In this section of this free tutorial, you will learn all of the necessary equipment you need to succeed with the weaving process. It’s always hard for new weavers to know how to set priorities for what to buy, especially since weaving equipment can be expensive. So what do you really need? Everyone knows you need a loom, but there are many other accessories to consider as well. You’ll want to have at least 100 heddles on each shaft, the wider the warp and the finer the threads, the more heddles you will need. Each loom comes with a reed, but when doing different weaving techniques, you will need different reed sizes.  Some of the other equipment needed to do various types of weaving projects are a warping board, lease sticks, bobbins and the list goes on. Get the complete list when you download this free eBook.

Learn weaving terms while you learn to weave

Weaving Dictionary

One of the biggest obstacles to learning how to weave is its terminology. Not only are most weaving terms ordinary words that mean something else, but different sources use the same words for different things, or different words for the same things. It can be confusing to say the least. To make matters worse, weaving terms can usually only be understood in relation to other weaving terms, so to know one, you really have to know them all. To help clarify this muddle, the tutorial covers the most important weaving terms all weavers should understand. Download this free eBook today and begin learning crucial weaving terms.

Whatever project you hope to weave, you’ll find this resource helpful.

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