The Ultimate Yarn Stash

14 Sep 2011

If you think your stash is big, chances are fiber enthusiast Bonney has you beat. Taking up a large room, the stash is touted as the biggest in the world, and after seeing the photos, it's hard to argue against that claim. An update shows that Bonney's stash has grown even more since the original 2007 post on her daughter-in-law's blog. As of earlier this year, Bonney estimates she now has several thousand balls of yarn in her possession. 

Those of you interested in reducing your own yarn stash before it can compete with Bonney's, check out the Qualicum Weavers and Spinners Guild Stash Reduction Challenge. At the start of 2011, guild members decided to reduce their stash through an inventive contest. Members had to create a finished piece by June 2011 using any fiber art technique from items that had been sitting in their stash for at least five years. Members felted, knitted, and wove their way through their stashes and posted some of the finished projects—including a felted trophy bear head— on their guild's blog. 


While it's too late to take part in the 2011 challenge, 2012 is a scant four months away, so there's plenty of time to organize your stash and start planning. For help in organizing your stash (and reducing it in the process) Linda Permann has a two-part blog series on the subject. Part One deals with sorting and storing everything, while Part Two focuses on paring it down. 





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