Handwoven November/December 2011

This issue is dedicated to demystifying block weaves. Nearly all the projects in this issue use the same 2-block profile draft, but each use a different weave structure including doublweave, Halvdräll, Taqueté, and more!

Other featured projects include a coverlet woven in summer and winter, piano keyboard scarves, and ply-split baskets.


November/Decemer 2011
Block Weave

Turned Twill Pillows 
Sarah H. Jackson


 A Halvdräll Runner
 Rita Hagenbruch


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Block Weave Basics: Using a Profile Draft
Tien Chiu

Unit Weaves, Profile Drafts, and the Weave-Along
Madelyn van der Hoogt

Linen Table Squares
DeeDee Woodbury

Mixing Colors in Turned Twill for Coordinated Pillows
Sarah H. Jackson

Two-Block Doubleweave Runner on Only Four Shafts
Doramay Keasbey

Two-Block Doubleweave Table Mats on Only Four Shafts
Robyn Spady

A Halvdräll Runner
Rita Hagenbruch

"Double Two-Tie" A Study of Multiple Options
Madelyn van der Hoogt

Quigley by Any Name Is Sweet 
Suzie Liles

A Not Quite Weft-Faced Rug for a Very Good Reason
Tom Knisely

Gemstone Rug in Warp Rep
Rosalie Neilson

A Small Coverlet it Within Your Reach
Larissa Gibson

Two Piano Keyboard Scarves in Doubleweave
Judith Yamamoto and Patricia Stewart

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Ply-Split Basket
Louise French 

Ply-Split Baskets
Louise French


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didil12 wrote
on 4 Nov 2011 9:35 AM

Hello, In this issues the coverlet on page 62-63 is very beautiful, but my loom is a 4 shaft and i would like to make this coverlet on my 4 shaft  loom. Could you help me for the treadling and units for 4 shaft loom


aggie weaver wrote
on 2 Sep 2012 5:11 PM

Can someone help me find the yarns for the wool/silk piano scarf on page 67 of the Nov/Dec 2011 Handwoven issue? The instructions refer to Jaggerspun 24/2 wool and Jaggerspun 18/2 wool/silk. I found the 20/2 spun silk on Webs. Thanks!