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Come along with us as we explore the possibilities of weaving, search for the latest weaving trends (and explore old ones), and keep up to date on the newest weaving news.  We’ll also share with you the latest giveaways and give you a peak behind the scenes here at Weaving Today.


Support Mayan Weavers Shaping a Better Life

I like to think of weaving as connecting people across time and space, uniting everyone who has ever marveled to see fabric taking shape in the mingling of warp and weft. We all love to weave, but for some weavers, the art is about more than pleasure. It’s about empowerment, an escape from extreme poverty…


Textiles Made from Fungal Mycelium

Since Earth Day is this week, we have a little bit of an unusual BeWeave It for you today! Did you know it’s possible to make fungal textiles? Click here to check it out! Most of us are accustomed to thinking about mushrooms as food, but in an effort to create new, creative, sustainable textiles, many designers are…

Monk's Belt Kitchen Towels

Combing the Shelves for Inspiration

Recently, I was figuring out the numbers for a set of handwoven dish towels. I wanted something quick and easy, so I decided on doing a solid white warp in 8/2 cotton and warping for a 4-shaft Finnish twill (the fancy name for Ms and Ws). White goes with every color, and the threading sequence…


Weaving Inspiration in American Indian Art

In March, I stopped by the Denver Art Museum for the first time since I last went on a field trip in grade school. (Don’t worry – I have already been adequately shamed for ignoring such a treasure of a museum so close to my home!) We didn’t have a lot of time, and I…

Mrs. Lotz's floor loom

Maker Moms and Weaving Legacy

New beginnings always trigger a mixture of feelings, especially when joining a community with a legacy as rich as Interweave. Excitement, humility, and gratitude are all here in full force as I introduce myself as the new online editor of Weaving Today, as well as a healthy dose of hoping not to mess up! My…


Take a Fiber Trip

SPONSORED BLOG Immerse Yourself in Fiber Fair weather is beckoning, leading many to make plans that involve the open road. Your time off is precious. If you’re going to get away, why not immerse yourself in a favorite activity? This is just the start of fiber fest season, and signing up for a workshop well…


Gee’s Bend Quilts

Sarah H. Jackson’s towels were inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend, a predominantly African American community in Alabama near the Alabama River. The quilting tradition in this small Alabama town can be traced back to the 1800s when female slaves would sew quilts, possibly inspired by African textiles, to keep themselves and their families…

Towels woven by the Northwest Arkansas 
Handweavers Guild

Inspired Weaving

Recently my husband and I decided to attend a quilt show. On a sleepy Saturday after the farmers’ market we drive past the convention center and noticed a big sign for the show and saw lots of people going inside. We had no plans for the day so we decided to pay the entrance fee…


Ms and Os and Buckens and Owls

M’s and O’s is a weave structure that creates fabric with great texture and visual interest, but what’s the history behind the weave? While we couldn’t find the origin of the name (if anyone knows it, do let us know!), we did learn a bit about its origin. According to Maguerite Davison it probably originated…

Christina's first not-quite-perfect, but much loved, 
rigid-heddle scarf

Rigid-Heddle Musings

Not too long ago I taught a friend of mine to weave on a rigid-heddle loom. She was interested in learning to weave, and my little loom was perfect: it was a simple introduction to the basics (over-under-over-under and the like), I could give her bag of skeins of knitting and fashion yarns to practice…