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on 8 Apr 2011 11:42 AM

Several years ago I visited the Grand Canyon with my family.  At the time I was weaving and marketing my work.  The emphasis was on production, which means speed and quantity are a big issue.  While in the area around Grand Canyon we visited museums and viewed displays of Native American art including blankets, rugs and baskets.  

Somehow that triggered a flash of insight for me.  I thought, "What I should really be doing is taking as much time as possible to weave whatever project was in process."  I really didn't know what that meant for me at the time, but now I weave story blankets.  First I weave the blanket using double face twill so back and front are very different.  Once the blanket is off the loom, finished and fulled, I use it as my canvas to narrate whatever story I wish to tell at the time.  

There is no way this is production weaving.  It is truly slow cloth because that is what is required to tell the story.  And I love doing it.

Candy Meacham   Fiber Art


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