doubleface twill;one warp; two wefts;two garments

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on 10 Jul 2011 4:38 AM


With this very thin yarn as weft on a darkblue cotton (?) warp I've woven my other project.

Same technique but other pattern (other loom).

3 times the blockpattern in the width, the one in the middle "negative" opposite the other ones.

The cloth is very thin and therefore the drape (?) is wonderfull.


A garment with as less stitching as possible, maybe there will be some buttons needed but I hope (and think) not.

With the same two weft yarns I've woven on the other warp (placemats) for this weave-along.

Here are those results:


Asymmetrical pattern; smaller cloth but wither pattern.

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Drejl wrote
on 10 Jul 2011 6:36 AM

How charming garments Yes Especially I like the short vest, have you woven in one piece and just made short side seams? What size cotton yarn for warp? It seems that the weft is of a thinner quality?

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on 10 Jul 2011 8:39 AM

Indeed the yarn for warp is thicker than weftyarns.

The short vest is in one piece with only one  'half" seam on the back/neck, sort of moebius shawl.

It is open on the back...... so vest is a too big a word for it, I think.

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marion63 wrote
on 13 Jul 2011 9:19 AM

Hi Jolanda,

Hmm, you've woven so many things for this weave along. I like the smaller garment most but that's because I just like that kind of thing hihi.

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