Shaker rag rugs

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fmjowitt wrote
on 21 Oct 2012 8:49 AM

I am trying to experiment with the Shaker technique of twisting rags in Z- and S direction to create chevrons in my rag rugs.  What I am stumped by is the twisting technique.  When I have tried, the strips wrap around each other so that one color covers the other.  What am I missing?  Do the strips have to be narrow?  Or folded tightly?  Any advice gratefully received!  (I noticed that there is a class on this very thing at the Mannings, but my neice is getting married that same weekend.  Foiled)


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LynnaeM wrote
on 21 Oct 2012 9:55 AM

Hello, I'm using this technique in my wool rag rugs using several strands of wool yarn as the shaker method.  With rags you need to twist them lightly and yes make they a little narrower so that the 3 or so strands equal one of the sizes you usually weave with.  Hope this helps some, Lynnae

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on 9 Nov 2012 10:57 PM

Hi ,I have just checked in ,not been on in along time.I don't know if anyone responded.If you are using rags,the two colours for the chev. must equal the width together of the other strips.I ironed mined over,tied both to a chair,and twisted them like you would the ends of a warp.(that is ,each strip in opposite directions,then twist them together either s or z direction)then for the round after the center solid strip,do that again,but when twisting the two together do it opposite direction of what you did the first one)Then take that and place gently  against the warp,in a open shed,and adjust it so twists meet to make chevrons meet.Hope thats helpful.Melissa

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