Continuous Brocade?

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on 7 Nov 2012 1:05 PM

Does anyone have some drafts of continuous brocade? I'm looking for a decorative surface treatment more so than a figurative design.  I saw a wall hanging the other day that was done in multi-media but the leaf shapes repeated through the cloth caught my attention.  Does anyone have any drafts that may cause a surface relief.  I have Harriet Tidball's monograph on brocade but it does not cover this type, she deals mainly with figurative brocade.

I have 8 shafts I can work with.


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Su Butler wrote
on 9 Nov 2012 7:59 AM

HI might want to try and find Erica de Ruiter's book, 3 shaft Damask.  You can do brocade effects on very shafts with a pickup stick.  Another option would be her book on Tejido Huave and Beyond.  The techniques in both of these books allows a weaver with a smaller number of shafts to produce patterning that could only be woven on more without pickup.  These books are out of print, but perhaps someone will be willing to sell you one, or perhaps your local guild has copies.   You could also explore pickup in a tied weave system, such as Summer and Winter pickup.  

I am uncertain what you mean when asking for a draft that causes "surface relief", but if you are aiming for texture, some of the books on collapse weaves might be what you are seeking.  

Getting a repeating shape woven into the cloth can be done on 8 shafts, but usually the shapes are quite blocky and simple.  If you want curving leaf shapes you will have to work with pickup or more shafts.  

Hope that is helpful....


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on 12 Nov 2012 8:22 PM

Thank you very much Su:

That was really helpful to have some additional information and resources to which to refer. I generally have good luck finding out of print books through  Pacific Textile Arts has a fairly large library but unfortunately much of ihas not been fully cataloged and I was not able to find much. 

I am aiming primarily for a repeating surface texture and Shirley Held in her book "Weaving" briefly refers to continuous and discontinuous brocade but does not go into detail except to note that discontinuous brocade is similar to a tapestry weave where the weft is inserted through the use of pickup sticks..

I have up to 16 shafts immediately and can readily expand to more than that.  

Thanks again and best regards, Charles 

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