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SoNouveau wrote
on 15 Jan 2013 10:04 AM

Soooooo, over time I've migrated from doing twisted fringes on my scarves to weaving the warp ends back into the scarf itself.

Here's the background to my question. I weave almost exclusively with baby alpaca. At times, there's a BIT of camel, cashmere, bamboo, baby llama, or silk in there, too, but generally speaking it's 80-100% baby alpaca.

I've been weaving half of the warp ends back in on one side (every other warp end), then flipping the scarf over and weaving in the other half. I do this because it's a nicer, neater finished product.(Oh, I always hemstitch, too, In case anyone is wondering or if it makes a difference.)

I go over and under, so to speak, about 10-12 times--or ... just over an inch, say. It seems to me as though that should be sufficient.

***Here's where I'm confused, though: When I weave these warp ends back into the scarf, do I ... A.) Trim the ends flush and then wash, or B.) Leave a little 2" end, wash the scarf, and then trim the ends off?

Right now, I leave a bit of an end, wash, and then trim. With baby alpaca, though, the ends get a little "crazy" (fluffy, enmeshed with one another a bit, etc.). And I just don't think the finished result is all that nice.You can trim the end off, but it tends to "poof" just a little on the OTHER side. Does that make sense? (The way I'm trimming is to pull eversoslightly on the end and then trim right up next to the scarf, because there's a little poofy "ball" that forms in the warp end when I wash it, right at the base, up against the scarf. And I try to trim just below that poofy little ball.)

I guess I tend to think that if I trimmed first and THEN washed, those pesky ends might just ... shrink a little, blend into the scarf better, etc. In short, disappear.

I know, I know--someone is going to suggest just trying it to see what happens, and they'd be right. But I really like to fall back on the wisdom of others whenever I can--as opposed to trial and error.

Comments? Suggestions? Insights? (Help!)


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