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Mary ann Z wrote
on 25 Feb 2013 10:58 PM

Hello!   I'm excited to be a new member of Weaving Today.  I noticed discussion about Keep It Simple towels, and what a surprise to find my towel!   It had won a prize in a Keep it Simple contest, many years ago.  I still love making those towels and  am finishing the last one of a warp set up just for them again.  The picks per inch are 15 on this warp, which is I think a bit thicker that 2/8, but not much different.  Don't be too concerned about the beating on this project.  The cotton shrinks when you finish it and the towel will be a pleasure to use. ( P.S.  My maiden name was Geers, and now its Zwarycz.)

I have just double-checked a finished towel.  The PPI is 24 after finishing by washing once in hot water, and rinsing in hot water, line drying.  I hope this brings the simplicity back to this project.  The picture, I think it was in Forum section, looks like a finished towel.  On the loom the "checks " pattern is not so clear.

Thank you for this terrific website and the inspiration it provides!    

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