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ilona44 Big Smile [:D] wrote
on 11 Feb 2013 12:39 PM

I live in St petersburg fl .I like to know how to sell idias ( like  rugs handbag or oder project )I actual looking for how to sell on craft show this item ,or my be you  can give me  some ideas , web  link obout like that. Thank you ...john

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beekeeperjoy wrote
on 23 Dec 2013 9:21 AM

HI Pattie, and thanks for this forum.  I guess I need the basics.  I have a Glimakra 8 shaft monster (countermarche) but i've been dormant for as many shafts as my loom has, I know how to use it. I have my own studio, but my inventory is in disarray, so the first question I have it how to organize my fibers, before I even think of going into production weaving?  Can I separate my knittinf fiber from weaving, or should I mix it up in terms of inspiration and inventory?  I have a very small studio space so most of my fiber is in storage sheds (and no, I don't like that) .  I have to get organized before I can get productive, so I need help with that... is there a different forum for such problems?  once I get organized I can produce, because then there's not as much inhibiting the creative process. So, i can see what I have, for example.  THis is a big issue for me.  It wouldn't be for someone with space, but I have 8 x 10 studio and it's not ever gonna be bigger, so how do I display my yarns so I can get inspired and still have space for my loom (I have a lot of yarns).


This is the first part of my problem, I haven't even gotten into "how do I price my work, where do I sell, etc"


TX, Joy  Maybe a forum on studio organization is in order?


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PattieGraver wrote
on 26 Dec 2013 7:17 PM

Hi Bee,

Although I'm no longer Managing Editor for Handwoven, I'm happy to share a few thoughts.

I like to organize my yarns by fiber within cabinets. I don't like having all of the yarn exposed. From there, I organize by color on the shelves. I tend to keep my knitting yarns separate, but I don't have a lot of them.

I recently moved from Colorado where I had a very small studio to Oregon where I have more space, but in both locations, I kept the yarns in cabinets that I purchased from a hardware store. They were relatively inexpensive, but still a chunk of change.

Many weavers like to see their stash for design inspiration. I've know of weavers with limited space that incorporate their yarns into their home decor. For example, adding some shelves to a hallway for yarn storage and arranged by fiber and color. I think a lot of this has to do with how you like to work.

Best of luck to you. You will be weaving on my dream loom. One of these days ...

Stay warped,


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