I advanced my warp too far

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Jenny..Penny wrote
on 18 Dec 2012 12:51 AM

I have never woven rag rugs before.  I put on plenty enough warp for two 5 foot rugs.  They are 29" wide.  I had no problems with the first rug.  I started the second and early into it I advanced the warp too far and my reed won't hit it. I have woven the weft into it and used a comb to beat it in.  It works just okay.  I've taken it out two times now.  I am worried that if I loosen the brake to rewind onto the back beam, I will lose the even tension on the warp and I won't be able to weave the second rug, or I will be able to weave the rug, but it won't look as nice as the first rug.  

These are rugs I had thought I would have finished as Christmas presents this year.  I would have had plenty of time to get the second rug done today if I hadn't done what I did.  Can anybody help me with this?  Can I go back and loosen up my project so I can rewind on the back beam, just a bit?

Thank you!

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PattieGraver wrote
on 18 Dec 2012 8:44 AM

Hi Jenny Penny,

In my experience, I have always been fine rewinding on to the back beam when I have advanced too far. Years ago, when I had worn out my break, I would frequently advance too far and have to do this. Of course, I did replace the brake!

Whenever I do this, I find that I also need to tighten the cloth beam after rewinding on to the warp beam. I think you should be okay. I hope this helps.


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Jenny..Penny wrote
on 19 Dec 2012 9:06 AM


Thank you so much for getting back so quickly.  I did see the post yesterday, but promptly got off of my computer and went back to my loom.  Everything is progressing nicely now :)


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