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on 1 Jan 2011 8:15 AM

As I experiment with hucklack, I'd like to add on a warp to the threads remaining from the project I just completed.

Any advice about this works, how to go about it?

I have a swedish loom and generally warp from front to back off of a pre reeded warp.

If I compensate for the difference in number of warp threads so the pattern matches the new warp correctly, is there any problem with winding the new warp on through the heddles and onto the back of the loom. Or am I better off just re threading the warp?

I've heard you can do this but haven't attempted it and would like to understand if there are glitches, and if this is really a time saver.

Thanks all, Elizabeth


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on 3 Jan 2011 4:03 PM

If you are used to beaming the warp from the front you should have no trouble tieing on to the existing threads.  One thing I've found is where I add threads I tie a scrap thread cut to the length of the existing warp threads.  This seems funny but you don't have to worry about where to add the treads when the tidium of tieing one thread after another,  or run out of weaving room if you forget to add length to the particular thread.

Hope this helps,  Di

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