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  • Tracking / crease marks

    I've just finished and washed a scarf in a mix of yarns, quite a bit of cashmere/cashmere mix and alpaca. It is showing big crease marks down the length, which are due to the floats pulling the fabric in strange irregular directions. I think part of the problem is that the grey horizontal stripes...
    Posted to Troubleshooting (Forum) by Seashore on 23 Sep 2013
  • loom waste

    I've found a great way of using up thrums, by crocheting acorn buttons. If not cut at the end, one lengthyish thrum will do a small acorn, or you can knot two thrums together. They are very easy to make, I haven't crocheted before. You basically crochet a chain, join it with a slip stitch, increase...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Seashore on 6 Oct 2011
  • Looking for a springy weave structure

    I want to weave a waistcoat and I'm wondering what would be a good weave to produce a springy fabric, i.e. closer to a knitted fabric so that it can be thick but not rigid and stiff. I think honeycomb would probably be good, scarves I've done in this have been really springy, but I'd like...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Seashore on 14 Jun 2011
  • sett and drape

    I've just finished and washed a scarf in spot bronson, with a warp of worsted and a weft of merino/silk, both 2/28, both very fine and soft. I sett it at 20 epi so that it would be light and airy, but am a little disappointed in the drape, as it is stiffer than I would like, and has lost some of...
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by Seashore on 29 Oct 2010