Don’t Miss These Free Weaving Patterns & Projects

Weaving Projects

Enjoy these free weaving drafts to download: we have projects for every kind of enthusiast, from the experienced 8-shaft weaver to the child using a cardboard box. No matter your goal, we have something to help achieve it. Do you like recycled yarns and t-shirt projects? We have that too.

4 shaft loom weaving

4-Shaft Loom Projects

Weaving on the 4-shaft loom opens the door to weaving with great technique and endless possibilities. See these possibilities come to life with patterns for handwoven dish towels and napkins. Beginners will find the projects easy to follow, detailed with instructions and images. See why towels are a favorite 4-shaft weaving project with the beautiful towel projects in this free pattern collection.

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8 shaft loom weaving

8-Shaft Loom Projects

The possibilities for what can be done in double weave are so vast and you can see these possibilities come to life with these beautiful scarf and shawl patterns perfect for 8-shaft looms. Beginners will find the projects easy to follow, detailed with instructions and images. Experienced weavers will love the beautiful projects and advancing their skills while creating a project they will be able to show off.

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inkle loom weaving

Inkle Loom Weaving

Explore the joys of using an inkle loom and the myriad of uses for inkle bands. Experienced weavers will love the beautiful projects and advancing their skills. In addition to the wonderful patterns and projects, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for constructing a PVC inkle loom. Discover how ideal these inkle weaving patterns are for experimenting with color.

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rigid heddle loom projects

Rigid-heddle Projects

A rigid-heddle loom is easy to warp and thread, and it accommodates a variety of widths and lengths of cloth. Rigid-heddle weaving projects include placemats and table runners, shawls and stoles, pillows, purses and tote bags, tops, and belts—practically any medium-weight fabric that’s the width of the loom or narrower. Dive into this free eBook today and pick your favorite project to get started on!

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how to weave a scarf

Baby Blankets

With this free tutorial full of beautiful and unique projects and patterns, you can explore the joy of weaving a blanket made especially for a treasured little one. Experienced weavers will love the beautiful projects and advancing their skills while creating a keepsake to be treasured for years to come. The experts at WT have compiled four beautiful blanket patterns that are soft and comforting yet durable enough to withstand plenty of washing.

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how to make art yarn

Handwoven Scarves

Handwoven scarves are always a favorite among weavers. Whether you’re looking to learn a new technique, weave a special gift, or create a great wardrobe accent, weaving a scarf is always a fun and gratifying project! WT is dedicating these 6 free handwoven scarves, collected in a beautiful free eBook, to all weavers looking for projects they can weave and wear.

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how to weave table runners

Table Runner Patterns

Handwoven table runners are sure to bring a personal and unique touch to home décor during any season. Whether you’re looking to learn a new technique, weave a special gift or create a timeless Christmas table runner this holiday season, a woven table runner is always a fun and gratifying project! The table runner patterns included can also be improvised to create other weaving projects such as dishtowels, placemats or curtains.

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weaving towels and placemats

Weaving Towels & Placemats

Handwoven placemats and towels are perfect for brand new weavers – or for experienced weavers looking for a weaving project that is both relaxing and uncomplicated. Each hand weaving project is easy to accomplish and includes step-by-step instructions to complete it quickly and successfully. Download your free eBook today and get detailed instructions and illustrations on woven mats and handwoven towels that are sure to bring a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen or table.

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how to weave a rug

Woven Rugs

Bring a colorful and unique piece of decor to your home; weave a rug! A lot of new weavers join the craft already knowing that they want to learn how to weave a rug. In Beautiful Hand Woven Rugs, the experts at WT are taking weavers on a fascinating rug weaving journey with a unique selection of rug patterns and rug weaving techniques. Download this free eBook and enjoy crafting cozy hand-woven wool rugs and woven cotton rugs full of color and texture.

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how to weave a blanket

Woven Throws

Hand woven blankets make great gifts for any occasion and can be made as heavy- or light-weight as you like, to accommodate all seasons. Each project in this free eBook includes detailed instructions and illustrations to complete a hand woven blanket quickly and successfully. No matter what your skill level, choose from a plain-weave plaid blanket, a colorful twill blanket, or a lacy plaid blanket made from light-weight wool.

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how to weave bags

Woven Bags

A number of weave structures, yarn, and colors can be used for weaving bags. With these free woven bag projects, you can experience the joys of bag weaving while creating something that is one-of-a-kind. Not only will these projects give you bags you’ll love to use and show off, but you’ll have a chance to try some new techniques. Hand-woven bags are all the rage! Weave a bag that is your own, and one-of-a-kind with this eBook.

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weaving for kids

Weaving for Kids

These clear, step-by-step kids weaving loom instructions guide weavers through the process of creating a cardboard loom from a box to create a unique tapestry bag plus fun felted winter accessories. What better way to pass on the joy of creating beautiful woven items to the future generation of young crafters than teaching children how to weave.

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Weaving Basics

weaving copyright law

US Copyright Law for Weavers

The staff at Interweave have released a free eBook to raise awareness of the issues surrounding copyright and give credit to the talented writers, designers, artists, photographers, and innovators who work with us to share their products and ideas with our readers.
This guide to the basics of copyright is for anyone and everyone: designers and makers, crafters, retailers, library staff, educators, and more.

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how to make art yarn

How to Weave

Learning how to weave can be easier than you think! In this free tutorial you’ll enjoy professional weaving instructions with steps for warping a loom, tips for how to weave on a loom, various weaving techniques, a free project, and more.

Whether you are looking for weaving loom instructions, or are in need of a weaving techniques refresher, the experts at WT have you covered.

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how to huck weave

How to Huck Weave

Huck is the perfect structure for summer weaving: light and lacy and fun and quick to weave with one shuttle. Get started and learn this structure in a breeze with this guide and free huck lace patterns.

If you’re looking to get into huck lace weaving, or if you’re just looking for some new projects to weave, this tutorial has three fabulous projects that will whet your weaving appetite.

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types of weaving looms

Weaving Looms

In this free weaving loom tutorial, WT meets the needs of experienced weavers and beginners alike. Madelyn van der Hoogt walks you through detailed descriptions of different types of hand looms: the table loom, jack loom, counterbalance loom, and countermarch loom. She describes what each type of handloom does best and what limitations they have. In addition, if a rigid-heddle loom better suits your needs, you will learn rigid heddle weaving with a beautiful free scarf pattern.

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how to read weaving drafts

4 Basic Weaving Patterns & How to Read Weaving Drafts

With this free eBook dedicated to the art of creating beautiful and unique weaving patterns, WT is taking weavers (beginner or advanced) from the weaving drafts to the finished loom patterns they are looking for. Download your copy and get detailed instructions, along with clear illustrations, on how to successfully create rigid heddle loom patterns and huck lace patterns.

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weaving tools list

Weaving Tools

There are so many kinds of weaving tools to choose from, and the best choices depend on how and what you weave. It’s always hard for new weavers to know how to set priorities for what to buy, especially since weaving tools can be expensive. What do you really need? Everyone knows you need a loom, but with that come tools, like raddles that enable efficient warping. A weaving shuttle is probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll need and those come in various types, each with its own best use.

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weaving supplies

Weaving Supplies

Weaving pleasure and success depends on having the right tools. There is a wide assortment of weaving tools available to weavers, and knowing what is available is important even if you don’t feel the need to have some of them right away. Fortunately, the experts at WT have created this useful guide to weaving supplies that covers handling yarn, warping, and weaving itself. There are so many kinds of weaving tools to choose from, and the best choices depend on how and what you weave. –

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Types of Yarn

rag weaving projects

Rag Weaving

Use scraps of old fabric, like silk kimonos, to create born-again clothing that’s equal parts form and function. You’ll also learn how to make a rag rug with Swedish rep weaving in geometric shapes and log cabin style. And the only yarn you need for all this is the warp!

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weaving tshirt yarn

Recycled Yarn Projects

Plastic bags and old rags become sustainably produced rugs and handbags in this free tutorial. Don’t let your waste become landfill: make it new again and pick up a new skill at the same time. Once you understand the plastic bag and t-shirt weaving techniques used for these projects, you’ll be able to apply them to any kind of recycled material.

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silk weaving projects

Weaving Silk Yarn

Silk yarn can be expensive, so it’s important to know all about it before making the commitment to weaving a silk piece. Thankfully, we’ve got all the info you need here – plus a free draft if you already have your yarn.

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