Guide to Inkle Weaving: Free Inkle Loom Patterns, Plans and Projects

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With this free eBook full of beautiful and unique inkle loom projects and patterns, Weaving Today invites you to explore the joys of using an inkle loom and the myriad of uses for inkle bands. If you’re trying inkle weaving for the first time, you’ll find helpful information to get you started. Experienced weavers will love the beautiful projects and advancing their skills. In addition to the wonderful patterns and projects, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for constructing a PVC inkle loom. Discover how ideal these inkle weaving patterns are for experimenting with color. The experts at WT have compiled helpful tips and beautiful projects showcasing the versatility and endless possibilities.



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Start from the beginning and learn how to warp an inkle loom, and how to weave a project on it all in a weekend’s time. Using your inkle loom, you can explore the free projects and weave a hatband, inkle band pins, a pin cushion necklace, and durable bands that can be used for belts, straps, handles, and trims. Download your eBook today to add these free projects to your collection. Along with this FREE eBook, you'll also receive a free membership to our Weaving Today community. Your membership provides you access to our free projects library, our weaving community blogs, and our email newsletter with all sorts of tips, tricks and more free projects!

Whether you're advanced or are inkle weaving for the first time, you’ll find helpful information and colorful inspiration.

WT has compiled projects and informative tips from expert weavers on how to accomplish beautiful results with your inkle weaving loom.

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Make a PVC loom

Make a Loom and Weave a Hatband in Two Days by Sharon Kersten

To build this PVC loom, you’ll need to gather a few basic hand tools and take a trip to your local hardware or home improvement center. Learn how to construct a loom, warp it, and weave a project all within a weekend. This lightweight, portable loom is suitable for small projects like hatbands and bookmarks. It can easily be disassembled for travel when needed.


Project #1

Hatband by Sharon Kersten

Weaving plaids is always a fun and exciting surprise… you never know how the colors are going to look until you’ve finished weaving them together! This amazing summer plaid scarf weaving pattern is not only beautiful, it’s a great way to experiment with color. You’ll love the bright eye-catching greens and blues blended with a grayed-turquoise and accented gold stripe – colors that are certain to complement any summer wardrobe. So if you are looking for a quick and easy plaid fix, this woven scarf pattern is a rigid heddle loom pattern must-have!
free projects for your inkle loom

Project #2

Stars and Strips by Amy Abbott

Thinking texture instead of structure is a good way to approach pattern weaving on the rigid-heddle loom. Since there are no shafts to create the weave patterns, you must rely on other tricks! Of course, interesting yarns and colors woven in simple plain weave can be wonderfully effective. But if texture is to be provided by something other than yarn, there are two possibilities: finger-manipulated techniques such as loops, rya knots, soumak, or simple wrapping—or pattern floats created with a pick-up stick. Learn the tricks of inlay weft patterning and weft pile with the free rigid-heddle loom patterns provided in this free eBook.

Project #3

Bands, Bands, Bands, and More Bands! By Christi Eales Ehler

Jaspe is the Guatemalan term for ikat. These inkle-woven bands take advantage of the unique design principles of Guatemalan jaspe fabrics as well as their rich and glorious rainbows of colors. Weave these versatile bands to create a sturdy belt or strap. Discover how great bands and belts can be for experimenting with color with this free project.

Project #4

A Pincushion Necklace for You or Your Loom by Amy Abbott

A wide inkle-woven band is divided into two narrower bands to make handy hanging straps. The unique split straps and the tubular inkle-woven trim makes this project an interesting departure from traditional inkle bands. Wear the pincushion around your neck or hang it from the castle of your loom.
How to weave an ipad tablet case

Project #5

Inkle Bag for a Mini Tablet

Keep your ipad or tablet safe with this handy bag. You can keep it strapless, or turn it into mini tote bag, too. A beautiful gift for that Apple-obsessed friend, or a cute way to put a personal touch on your tech.

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