Deflected Doubleweave

Explore deflected doubleweave and all it has to offer. Learn what deflected doubleweave means, how it’s different from doubleweave, and find resources for deflected doubleweave projects.


Dreaming of Deflected Doubleweave

I remember the first time I saw deflected doubleweave—it was a set of scarves woven by Madelyn and featured in the January/February 2007 issue of Handwoven. They were unlike any weaving I’d seen before—big and bold shapes—some with curved edges!—in shining, shimmering silk. I became a woman possessed and once I felt I had the…


Gone with the Warp: Scarlett OHara and Deflected Doubleweave

    Deflected doubleweave can make striking geometric patterns. Anita Osterhaug Editor, Handwoven Magazine Many years ago, I had my first class in floor loom weaving from Madelyn van der Hoogt at The Weaver’s School. (And when I say “first class,” I mean this was the first time I had ever woven on a…


Deflected Doubleweave and Facing Fears

When helping to put together the Madelyn van der Hoogt Master Weaver Collection eBook I fell in love with a scarf. Specifically, the black and white deflected-doubleweave scarf featured on the cover. The deflected doubleweave in the silk created a pattern like I’d not seen before in weaving—and certainly not in a draft that only…