Create one-of-a-kind cloth and yarn through dyeing. Learn tips and tricks from experienced dyers on how to dye woven cloth and weaving yarns.

Itajime shibori is trendy and versatile--what will you design?

Make Your Mark with Itajime Shibori

Shibori is trendy, versatile, and tons of fun, especially if you have Elizabeth McTear as your guide! Elizabeth works with natural dyes that are safe for you and the environment, and she’ll teach you to do the same in her new video, Natural Shibori: Itajime. Here’s Elizabeth herself to share what you can expect to…

Give woven shibori a try with Catharine Ellis's technique.

Woven Shibori: Cloth Only a Weaver Could Make

There’s nothing like a new perspective to help cement a skill in your mind. As I read Catharine Ellis’s newly-revised book Woven Shibori and studied her excellent samples and examples, I gained many new insights on the way weave structure and color come together to create patterning. By combining the weaving skills you already have, whether…

woven shibori

Fearless Woven Shibori Experimentation

Fearless Woven Shibori Experimentation I’ve never been much of an experimenter; I’m more about precision. I prefer to follow instructions exactly. I prefer success to be clear and measurable. I prefer to achieve perfection on the first attempt. In short, I am terrified of failure. This fear made art feel inaccessible for me for many years.…


Dyeing Yarn in the Kitchen and Beyond

    Cochineal makes itself at home on a cactus. Christina Garton Editor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com The other day while taking a walk through my neighborhood I noticed something strange on one of the cacti. Between the nasty cacti needles was a white fuzzy something. I remembered back to my days working for a museum…


The Magic of Marigolds

Now that it's almost May, many of us are enjoying the floral bounty that arrives with spring and awaiting the new blooms that will come with summer. While flowers in bloom are a delight to behold, their beauty can last even longer when they're used to dye fiber. In fact, as natural dyer extraordinaire Dagmar…


Guatemalan Weaving To Dye For

  This warp-faced jaspé cloth shows local plants, people or dolls, and mountains, all important aspects of the local culture. Photo by Joe Coca.   When Deborah Chandler first showed me pieces of fabric with jaspé designs, my mind was more than a little bit blown. The Guatemalan version of resist dyeing generally called ikat…