Add something “extra” to your weaving with embellishment techniques from adding beads, shisha mirrors, and embroidery. Learn how to embellish your handwoven cloth with style.


Textile Travels and Cloth that Shines

Marilyn Murphy quite possibly has the best job ever. She gets to travel the world, collecting wonderful textiles handcrafted by talented artisans. These textiles are then sold by ClothRoads for fair-trade prices. Her work helps to improve the lives of these artisans around the world, opens new markets for their work, and helps centuries-old textile…


Fear Not the Blank Page (or Loom)

We ve all heard of writer's block but how many of us sometimes suffer from weaver's block, overwhelmed by all the choices and dimensions of a possible project? Here's Karen Donde to tell us about sage advice from Anita Luvera Mayer, one of the most creative and prolific weavers I know. ––Anita The most valuable…