Weavers love lace. Learn how to weave Huck lace, Atwater Bronson, as well as rigid-heddle loom laces such as leno. Woven lace is perfect for heirloom table linen and handwoven garments.


Adventures in Lace Weaving

    Laura's butterfly design for this wall hanging was woven in plain weave on a lace background. Laura Fry Contributor, Weaving Today I love lace weaves!  I fell in love with them early in my weaving days and wanted to know how they worked and to create my own designs. My approach was…


Huck Lace and Huck the Dog

    Scarf by Tom Knisely I once wrote an article I called “Learning by Doing Everything Wrong.” That, unfortunately, is my customary MO. I think I’ve made just about every mistake a person can make with a loom. From thinking four shafts means four blocks to “fulling” a huck-lace scarf so it was a…


The Lure of Lace

Karen Donde loves lace in all its forms. Here she is to talk about lace weaving and the many lace choices, in honor of Madelyn van der Hoogt's newest video, Weaving Lace. ––Anita       A light and lacy scarf by Madelyn van der Hoogt  When I attended my first weavers’ guild meeting in…