Explore overshot drafts and patterns. Learn how to weave overshot towels and table linens and techniques for weaving with two shuttles.


The Power of Color

    The warm hues of the Sunny South Scarf offer a pop of color during the cold winter months. Christina Garton Editor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com I still vividly remember the first time I watched The Wizard of Oz. I was fairly young and had no idea as to what I should expect. The fact…


A Complex Pattern for a Simple Loom

    Creative use of a pick-up stick produces Jacquard-like patterns on a simple loom. Sarah H. Jackson Weaving Editor, Handwoven Magazine weavingtoday.com Part of my job as Weaving Editor for Handwoven is to "scout" projects for upcoming issues of the magazine. I follow Pinterest and Ravelry as well as several of the weaving pages…


Overshot Ambitions

    Pattie Graver's miniature overshot drafts provide a great canvas for experimenting with color and treadling variations. Christina Garton Editor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com I can tell you the exact moment I fell in love with overshot. I had previously thought it was lovely, and had admired it on a variety of occasions, but when…


The Ultimate Overshot Gamps

Gamps are a wonderful way to explore a pattern or color palette. They are the perfect avenue for exploring the many "what-ifs" that come with various structures from overshot to crackle to classic twill. In her post, weaver Gail Ross tells the story of the ultimate overshot gamp. —Christina     Gail's gamp, in all…