Rep Weave

Rep weave is perfect for handwoven rugs, runners, placemats, and so much more. Learn tips and tricks on how to weave rep to create beautiful–and durable–home decor and table linens.


Warp Rep Reverie

Karen Donde is a fine weaver and teacher whom many of you have met through the pages of handwoven, through Weaving Today, and some of you through her most recent web seminar on weaving design. One good teacher appreciates another, so who better to tell you about Rosalie Neilson's lessons for rep weaving? ––Anita My…


Rosalie Neilson – Too Many Irons in the Fire

Last week, I returned from the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C. where I taught a week long course in rep weaving during their Scandinavian Heritage Week. I learned the derivation of a term we’ve all used when we are overwhelmed with too much work …“too many irons in the fire”. It’s a…