Ridge Heddle Loom Techniques

Rigid-heddle looms are the perfect weaving looms for doing pick-up and other hand-manipulated weaving techniques. Learn how to weave pick-up, how to do Danish medallions, and other tips and tricks for weaving on a rigid-heddle loom.


Weave Along with Liz Gipson

One of our contributors, the wonderful Liz Gipson, recently lived a weaving instructor’s nightmare: a number of her sample projects got lost in shipping. Apparently the train carrying her projects derailed (no injuries). The box the projects were shipped in experienced enough damage that a number of projects jumped ship. We’re very sad for Liz and her…

Rigid-heddle loom projects that stretch the bounds of rigid-heddle weaving.

You Wove That on a Rigid Heddle?

I’m becoming a rapid convert to rigid-heddle weaving. Especially in the summer, when my schedule is full and I can’t stand to spend any more time inside than I must, the rigid heddle gives me the flexibility and portability I need to keep weaving! But if you’re a new weaver like me, it can be…

Master rigid heddle weaving and learn how to add a second rigid heddle

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Why Two Heddles?

Countless weavers of all skill levels have been inspired by Liz Gipson’s practical, can-do approach to rigid-heddle weaving. I personally warped my very first rigid-heddle loom with the help of her excellent video Slots and Holes, which I highly recommend for anyone new to the rigid heddle. In her more recent videos, Twice as Nice…

Learn how to change color in your weft yarn with this easy tutorial

Let’s Talk Color: Weft Yarn Color Changes for Rigid Heddle

Changing weft colors always has the potential to leave you with awkward-looking selvedges or bulk, especially when using a rigid-heddle loom without floating selvedges to help keep ends in check! In this post, Whitney explains the techniques she uses when changing color on a rigid heddle, complete with pictures. ~Andrea Let’s talk color changes. I’ve…

Stash-Busting with a Rigid Heddle

Stash-Busting with a Rigid Heddle

I have a startling confession to make: I am not a yarn-hoarder. But trust me, it’s not because I don’t love yarn. I’m just usually really good about only buying yarn for a specific project and then executing the project before the idea gets lost in time. I have a modest yarn stash, of course,…

Rigid-Heddle Loom Resources

We’ve got lots of great tutorials and how-tos for rigid-heddle weaving,  but if you’re looking for a specific resource they can be sometimes hard to find. This page has links to our top pieces on weaving with a rigid-heddle loom from how to weave, how to troubleshoot, as well as finishing. We’ll update the page with…


How to Fix a Broken Warp Thread on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Even the most careful weaver breaks a warp thread every once in a while while rigid-heddle weaving. Breaking a warp thread when weaving on your rigid-heddle loom can be frustrating, but fortunately it’s easy to fix! This step-by-step tutorial on how to fix a broken warp thread will teach you to quickly and easily fix these pesky…

This free-form overshot technique is perfect for the rigid-heddle loom

Creative Weaving on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Full Disclosure: I have a 24-harness 45″ wide loom that takes up most of a room. It’s tall and sturdy—in fact, I like to joke that if that big earthquake ever hits here in Southern California I’m hiding inside it. What that big loom isn’t, is flexible and portable. It is quite large and because…


Indirect Warping for Two Heddles

These are instructions for indirectly warping two heddles on a rigid-heddle loom. Excerpted from The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick, Loveland, Colorado: Interweave, 2010, 99. 178-179. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! But, it’s never too late to join us! Come on in and we’ll show you how.***


Become A Master on the Rigid-Heddle Loom

Weaving books are so alluring.  It’s such fun to browse through several and dream of projects to make, envisioning different yarns or patterns. I think everyone has a few books on the shelf that are their “go-to” references when planning a project or trying to answer a question.         Whether weaving on…