Summer and Winter

Explore the versatility of summer and winter weave. Learn how to weave summer and winter projects and tips and tricks for this double-sided weave structure.

Technicolor Picnic Cloth by Tracy Kaestner in summer and winter

Summer and Winter: A Weave for All Season

Weaving is full of confusing vocabulary which, let’s be honest, a bit fun. I am absolutely certain I’m not the only person to giggle like mad at the comment, “You have to be warped to weave!” Sometimes weaving sounds so violent as we choke the cross and sley the reed. Weave structures can also be…


Weaving Summer and Winter: Love at First Pick

My introduction to floor loom weaving was a week with Madelyn van der Hoogt at The Weaver’s School. It was a bit like drinking from a fire hose, as I was probably the only person in the class who had never touched a floor loom before. We learned a lot of weaves that week, and…