Supplemental Warps


Yes, You Can Weave Velvet

Velvet’s luxury and grandeur make many weavers believe they’ll never see it on their looms. Anita Osterhaug, editor of Handwoven, is here to tell you more about velvet weaving and the new Supplemental Warp Weaving Collection, a digital bundle that brings all of Deb Essen’s work on supplemental warps together, including a lovely velvet wall hanging…

Learn how to weave supplemental warps with Deb Essen!

Learn How to Weave Supplemental Warps Without a Second Back Beam

In weaving, there are certain techniques that I sometimes tell myself I’ll never understand how to weave. Weaving with supplemental warps was one of those techniques, until I learned it can be done without a second back beam, using the technique tested and perfected by Deb Essen in her new eBook Easy Weaving with Supplemental…

What is terry-cloth and how do you weave it?

What Is Terry-Cloth? And How Do I Weave It?

One of the most functional techniques you’ll learn in Deb Essen’s new eBook, Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps, is weaving terry-cloth, the material used for commercial bath towels and washcloths. But what is terry-cloth and how did it come to be? Terry-cloth is a pile weave, which means that there are uncut loops woven into…