Textured Weaves

Textured weaves such as waffle weave and honeycomb are great ways to add extra interest to your handwoven cloth. Learn how to weave waffle weave towels that are extra absorbent and honeycomb linens to add a touch of texture to your table.


Try and Weave Again

    Have fun weaving commercial-quality pile weaves in your own home! Deb Essen Contributor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com The first time I wove a supplemental warp pile weave, I selected velvet for my project. This was about 2001 and there weren’t any books on the subject, not much information on the Internet (we still had…

These pillows use a wide variety of techniques to create textured weaves.

Texture: Up-Close and Personal

I love the expression “Weaver’s Handshake.” To me, it describes perfectly the impulse many weavers have to reach out and touch the scarf or handwoven clothing of another weaver upon meeting. It’s about the feel of the fiber and the weave structure. It’s a simple way of saying, “I like that. Good job. Nice texture.”…


Crimp and Create with Shibori

    Over-dyeing: a warp and two cones. Dianne Totten Contributor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com About eight years ago, I started experimenting with an idea I picked up in a Catharine Ellis Handwoven Shibori workshop several years before. At the time, I never thought I would still be discovering new possibilities using the technique that produces…


Texturize Your Weaving

A crimp cloth shirt by Dianne I first met Dianne Totten at the 2010 Convergence in Albuquerque. She showed me some of her amazing “crimp cloth” garments and urged me to try it on. I demurred, insisting that it would never fit. But, lo and behold, it not only fit, it was comfortable and flattering!…