Twill is one first structures most weavers learn. It’s versatile and gives cloth great drape. Learn how to design twill weave projects, how to weave beautiful twill cloth, and get inspiration for designing twill scarves and shawls, twill towels, and much more.


Undone by Twills

Twill is a fairly simple weave structure and yet it is the favorite of so many weavers. We wear it, decorate our homes with it, and (of course) weave it. In her post, Robyn Spady host of the Totally Twill workshop series, tells a story of a time when she was nearly undone by a…


Time for Twill

    4-shaft twill in herringbone and bird's eye   8-shaft Maltese cross twill If memory serves me correctly, I think I’ve written here a time or two about my love for twill. My first ever real weaving project was a set of twill dishtowels and it only took a few treadling repeats for me…


License to Twill

  Robyn's 4-Shaft M-and-W Twill Dish Towelfrom the Nov/Dec 2013 Handwoven.     I love twills. In fact, twills may make up the majority of what I weave. What most people don’t realize is that twills are all around us: from our denim jeans to stunning tartan fabrics woven in a technically precise 2/2 twill to…


A Tale of Twill

The first item I ever wove was a twill “sampler.” It was an assignment by my first teacher. She gave us the warp (mine was orange carpet warp) and the weft (mine was army green Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn). I still have the sampler, and it is somewhere safe, where I can always find it…