Warping your loom is one of the most important parts of getting ready to weave. Learn how to warp your loom more efficiently, tips and tricks for better tension, and how to fix broken warp threads and other warping problems.

Learn how to warp a loom three ways with these weaving tutorials!

Complete Warping Steps

Fear of warping is one of the main things that holds new weavers back—but don’t let it scare you! You can take joy in the methodical process, and the more you do it, the easier it gets. Of course, having detailed step-by-step instructions at hand is a must the first few times you warp your loom!…


Warping Back to Front with Two Crosses

Contrary to popular belief, warping a loom back to front isn’t any easier on your warp threads than warping front to back–unless you wind with two crosses! Use this method for warping a loom with very fine, sticky, or highly-twisted warp yarns. This method is least stressful on the warp fibers because the threads are…


Warping Back to Front

Warping a loom back to front has its advantages! First of all, since the warp is beamed first, it’s safely attached to the loom from the get-go, rather than lying in front of the room if you have to stop in the middle. Additionally, if you’re warping a loom with multiple ends per dent, you…

Learn how to warp a loom front to back with this tutorial.

Warping Front to Back

Prefer warping a loom front to back? When warping front to back, you can wind different sections of the warp (different colors, for example) in separate chains and sley each chain in the reed where it goes. You also won’t need a raddle or lease sticks! Want to try warping back to front? Get the…

BIG Sale and Long Weekends are For Weaving

I am so excited about this upcoming long weekend! Not because I have any grandiose plans or big trips on the agenda, I'm excited to actually have time to both warp and weave and relax. During normal weekends I have to set one day aside for shopping, running errands, and doing laundry. That leaves me…


Winding Two Warp Threads

Step-by-step photos and instructions detailing how to wind two warp threads with an individual cross. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! But, it’s never too late to join us! Come on in and we’ll show you how.***

Learning the Language of Looms

    Christina's first project on her new 8-shaftfloor loom: a set of Finnish twill tea towels. I’ve always been fond of items that are both beautiful and functional, especially in the kitchen. I love my bright-colored enameled cast-iron cookware, my wooden tools and cutting boards, but most of all I love my collection of…


Moving Forward at Warp Speed

    Beautiful, bright yarns will  make most anything better When I started weaving on my little rigid-heddle loom it was love at first warp. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I could get everything measured and threaded with my little warping peg. Simply clamp down the loom on the table, clamp the peg on…


Weaving Long Enough to Know Better

When my latest beginning weaving students came in to finish their final towels last week (I have them warp three times during the class.), I had to conjure up some dialogue from “The Wizard of Oz.” Remember what the wizard bellowed when Dorothy and the gang noticed movement in the corner? “Pay no attention to…