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linen weft waffle
11 Jan 2012 posted by Seashore
Cotton warp, tow linen blue weft on one tea towel and fine off-white linen weft on the other, some different treadlings...
Finished waffle projects (batch 1!)
11 Jan 2012 posted by Seashore
Overshot pattern details 4
21 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
This is the bottom of the curtain. Because of the order in which I wove this, row one of the gamp is actually the...
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Crackle weave 4-H
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
This is a small table runner with a 4-H pattern from M.Davison's " a Handweaver's Pattern Book"...
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Scarf for a friend
28 Nov 2010 posted by Su Butler
A friend rides BMW motorcycles so I wove this Tied Weave scarf, in Jagger Spun Zephyr warp and Cherry Tree Hill...
More weaving with words!
6 Jan 2011 posted by Su Butler
I wove a series of 12 of these towels for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Woven of 22/2 cottolin warp and...
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Sally's Overshot Study Group Sample
21 Jan 2011 posted by sally_libby
Crackle Irwin Sample 5.
16 Jan 2011 posted by maple leaf
The inspiration for this section of my Crackle Weave sampler was the article 'Polychrome Crackle' by Susan...
Crackle weave samples
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
These are the samples that I wove with 4-H and 8-H threadings.
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Twill gamp
24 Aug 2010 posted by lidnaz
This is my to-keep gamp towel from my study group project. On some of the other towels I separated sections with...
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Detail of Crackle Weave Shawl
17 Mar 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
I took this picture when I reached the end of weaving my final project. It shows the combination of treadling #495...
crackle weave 8-H
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
Detail of 8-H crackle weave threading and treadling by susan Wilson. Handyed 32/2 silk. I wove a scarf with this...
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Fractal Dunes Shadow Weave Scarf
8 Feb 2011 posted by Maria Pita
This is a shadow weave scarf using pattern #304 from the 8-shaft pattern book. The warp is a variegated merino...
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Crackle Weave Shawl
15 Mar 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
Memories of spring skies in Nova Scotia inspired this shawl planned when snow blanketed the landscape and ice stilled...
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Doubleweave Wall Hangings
20 Nov 2010 posted by cheriberi
I love snowmen, so when I saw a scarf featuring beautiful "snowflakes" while surfing on the net for doubleweave...
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Two Block Twill
21 Feb 2011 posted by Liz.Moncrief
I've been lurking on the outskirts of the study groups, mostly because I didn't want to fully commit to...
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wif - Torpa from Rita Hagenbruch
16 Dec 2010 posted by Pattie Graver
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Shadow Weave Runner
13 Mar 2011 posted by Sunshein
My sister-in-law loves pink and needed a runner for her dresser. She chose eight different colors, but when I sampled...
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Crackle Irwin Sample 6.
16 Jan 2011 posted by maple leaf
One of the samples in the book, No Common Thread, by Dini Moes and Mandy Heggtveit (1993) inspired this fun treadling...
Overshot pattern details 3
21 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
Alot of work, but aren't these amazing patterns that Osma Gallinger Tod created!
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spot bronson
22 Nov 2010 posted by Seashore
Probably not 'correct' spot bronson, this is widely sett, but it has a nice soft fuzzy feel and is very...
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Crackle Irwin Sample 4.
16 Jan 2011 posted by maple leaf
In the early 90s, I took a workshop from Jean Scorgie on different ways to weave cloth threaded to a Straight Twill...
Crackle Irwin Sample 2.
13 Dec 2010 posted by maple leaf
This narrow Crackle Weave warp gave me an opportunity to try two similar treadlings based on the threading of the...
OvrsotGailRossSample1--Sun, Moon and Stars Overshot
17 Nov 2010 posted by GailR@30
This sampler studies the effects of different treadling block orders based on Davison's "Sun, Moon and...
Doubleweave Sampler
20 Nov 2010 posted by cheriberi
Here's a photo of my doubleweave sampler, based on Jennifer Moore's book and DVD.