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OvrsotGailRossSample1--Sun, Moon and Stars Overshot
17 Nov 2010 posted by GailR@30
This sampler studies the effects of different treadling block orders based on Davison's "Sun, Moon and...
8-shaft Shadow Weave sampler
7 Feb 2011 posted by Maria Pita
Hi Sarah, I wove this sampler in 2005. This is an 8 shaft pattern from the Powell book page 214 #8-9-12. I used...
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Twill in Tencel
22 Feb 2011 posted by Liz.Moncrief
Pebbled Path Alpaca Rug
6 Aug 2010 posted by BethD@23
This rug is woven on my RHL using a blend of 70% alpaca/wool. The colors shift according to the alpaca involved...
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Overshot Pattern Details 2
21 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
Again please note this is photographed from the top down (i.e the references to row numbers) but if you are following...
Doubleweave Sampler
20 Nov 2010 posted by cheriberi
Here's a photo of my doubleweave sampler, based on Jennifer Moore's book and DVD.
Spot bronson scarf
22 Nov 2010 posted by Seashore
Spot bronson using charcoal alpaca/wool mix (2/16) and red worsted (2/28 doubled). Weft is grey alpaca/wool mix...
squares my design
2 Feb 2011 posted by Lauriess
I found a similar draft on handweaving.net. I changed it so it would be 24 epi by adding the first and last 1 thru...
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Crackle weave 8-H
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
I loveSusan Wilson's threading and treadlings # 493-501 (A weaver's Boof of 8-Shaft Patterns). I hand dyed...
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N.W. Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas
11 Jun 2010 posted by Maurine Adrezin
The N.W. Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas usually meets the first Saturday of the month at my home. So far we have...
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Huck Lace - Flo - An all cloth doll wearing her Huck Lace...
12 Jan 2011 posted by Maurine Adrezin
I enjoy designing and creating my own cloth art dolls and weaving the fabric for their clothes. Flo is 20"...
Overshot Project 1: Set of Christmas Towels full view
18 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
I am posting several photos of this project, a set of towels in Christmas colors to be used as guest towels. These...
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Huck lace try
7 Aug 2010 posted by Claudia Rizzi
This the first of some pictures I took from my first huck lace sample woven on a rigid heddle loom.
17 Nov 2010 posted by GailR@30
Here is another attempt to show this LONG sampler and all the possible pattern variations. I repeated the main...
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Summer and Winter Checker board placemat
15 Mar 2011 posted by ConnieGail
Here is my first Summer and Winter checker board place mat.
Shadow Weave
10 Mar 2011 posted by Fortin
Harrisville Shetland - Warp: Ebony and Adobe, Weft Charcoal Shetland w/ Adobe Highland. And 2nd piece, same warp...
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Crackle Irwin Sample 1.
16 Nov 2010 posted by maple leaf
Playing with several different treadlings on my Crackle Weave sampler has produced some interesting results. In...
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Twill in Tencel
22 Feb 2011 posted by Liz.Moncrief
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Crackle weave 8-H
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
This Crackle weave scarf uses a threading by Susan Wilson. It is woven in handyed and natural 32/2 silk. I made...
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Overshot Gamp Project Detail of a few patterns
20 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
This is just a small portion of the gamp, but closer up to provide more detail. I have taken 4 separate photos...
Huck lace x
7 Aug 2010 posted by Lauriess
I did this at the end of a warp . I alway put on enought for more than one project. I also don't alway do the...
Crackle weave sample
17 Feb 2011 posted by marie-Claire Declerck
This is an attempt at 8-H polychrome crackle using the very last inches of my warp (thus errors as the ends did...
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Pattern Details 1
21 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
Thank you Marie-Claire for your comments and request for more detail. Although I photographed these from the top...
Doubleweave cloth to vest - vest
8 Jan 2011 posted by fifthoffive
Here is the finished vest. I'm not an experienced sewer, so don't look too closely! Notice the back of...
Overshot Stduy Group Runner Finished
29 Jan 2011 posted by sally_libby
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