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Huck Lace - Flo - An all cloth doll wearing her Huck Lace...
12 Jan 2011 posted by Maurine Adrezin
This is the back view of my doll, Flo, who is wearing her Huck Lace dress.
Overshot Study Group Runner Finished
29 Jan 2011 posted by sally_libby
Huck lace try (2)
7 Aug 2010 posted by Claudia Rizzi
Close shot of my sample on a rigid heddle loom. Any suggestions?
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Huck lace try(4)
7 Aug 2010 posted by Claudia Rizzi
Another one.
Overshot Project 3: Second Towel
18 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
This version is a bit atypical in that the treadling is elongated, not in profile blocks. That is, I treadled as...
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5 Jan 2011 posted by GailR@30
This sample elongates the Sun, Moon and Stars pattern by adding pattern weft picks and also by using a thicker...
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5 Jan 2011 posted by GailR@30
One idea for a project based on my sampler Sun, Moon and Stars would combine the pattern in both star and rose...
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Huck lace try (3)
7 Aug 2010 posted by Claudia Rizzi
Another close shot
Overshot Project 2: Towel One in Place
18 Mar 2011 posted by GailR@30
This presentation of the towel is more inviting--note that the borders are in star fashion and the remainder of...
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Sally's Overshot Study Group Sample
21 Jan 2011 posted by sally_libby
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5 Jan 2011 posted by GailR@30
Another idea that intrigues me (especially with a long warp) is a comment made by Donna Sullivan in her book on...
5 Jan 2011 posted by GailR@30
Here is a closeup view of the effects of elongating an overshot pattern, here Sun, Moon and Stars
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Crackle Irwin Sample 3.
13 Dec 2010 posted by maple leaf
I think the positive/negative appearance of this Crackle Weave and Straight Twill design has great potential for...
Black and White wall hanging
14 Nov 2014 posted by Snow62
momma did this one on the loom we made her. It's 5 feet of weaving and 1 foot of fringe on the bottom. Loom...
5 Jan 2011 posted by GailR@30
This is another view of sample 4 which shows the underside of the fabric created by applying Whig Rose treadling...
Ocean fingers
17 Jan 2015 posted by Snow62
Momma has been working hard on this one. We found tutorial on inclusions and this was the piece that came out of...
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4-Shaft, 4-Block Rep: Sampler
30 Jun 2010 posted by hotweaver
Here is the profile draft for the 4-Shaft, 4-Block Rep: Sampler that I am working on with the additonal treadlings...
Doubleweave cloth to vest - cloth
8 Jan 2011 posted by fifthoffive
My project was to try doing tied doubleweave so the two sides of the cloth were different. The plaid is one version...
Tied Weaves Study Group Taquete Pumpkins
6 Mar 2011 posted by LeslieM@7
These are some Taquete Mug Mats I designed for my Halloween guests. They were woven with Sugar and Cream cotton...
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