Profile Draft for Handwoven's Weave-Along

4 Mar 2011
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This two-block design is from Mary Meigs Atwater's Shuttle-Craft Book of American Handweaving. The possibilities for four shaft weavers include designs in summer and winter, Atwater-Bronson lace, overshot, warp rep, taquete', and crackle. Those with eight shafts can use doubleweave, various extensions of tied unit weaves, turned twill, huck lace, and more. If you have ten, twelve, or sixteen shafts, you can weave the design in different variations of damask, and more.

You can make adjustments to the design or its proportions to fit your requirements as long as you maintain its basic look.

The Weave-Along will end on August 1. Please post your finished pieces to the Weave-Along gallery.

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Louise@37 wrote
on 11 Mar 2011 7:08 PM
on 15 Mar 2011 1:36 PM

Do we just have to stick to two-block designs(A and B) or can we do three or four block designs following the basic sequence of this design?

Thanks - Maurine Adrezin

on 16 Mar 2011 8:07 AM

Hi Maurine!

The idea really is to keep pretty much to this design to show the differences between weave structures. So if the design is changed much, the point gets lost. What were you thinking of doing?


on 16 Mar 2011 10:54 AM

I designed a draft on Weavepoint using a block weave of 1234 (Block A) and 5678 (Block B).  It looks nice.  Now I'll have to wind my warp and thread my loom. 

I have a study group that meets at my home once a month and we are planning to study Profile Drafting.  I wanted to make sure I understood the concept before they came.  Thanks Madelyn as always for your help.

on 16 Mar 2011 12:49 PM

Hey, Mauine, it would be soooo cool if lots of study groups did this! Just think of the varations we could show! 800 weavers downloaded the profile so far. Even if we got 100 photos of different fabrics/weaves for the gallery, wouldn't that be terrific?


on 16 Mar 2011 9:09 PM

Absolutely - I'm all set to warp my loom and by a week from Saturday, hopefully some members of the N.W. Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas will think about what design that would like to incorporate within Block A and Block B of the Profile Draft for Handwoven's Weave- Along.

on 18 Mar 2011 3:49 PM
on 18 Mar 2011 3:51 PM

Madelyn - I just asked a question under FORUMS- WEAVE ALONG.  Somehow I couldn't find this page when I was looking for it so I posted on the other site.

BearWeaver wrote
on 22 Mar 2011 7:27 PM
BearWeaver wrote
on 22 Mar 2011 7:32 PM
Hello and thanks for this challenge. Last month I taught a Profile Block Class for a local guild. I look forward to having them explore this profile. And I am thankful that is 2 blocks as that allows beginning explores of Profile drafting a real chance of trying to execute this design. Thanks ever so much. Steve Ableman
ndpeace wrote
on 31 Mar 2011 9:36 AM

We at the Paumanok Weavers Guild on Long Island in New York plan to use this profile draft as a jumping off point for our annual Holiday Towel Exchange in December of this year.

Good Job!!

Nancy D'Angelo

on 2 Apr 2011 9:32 AM

Just wanted to let you know. Steve and Nancy, how glad I am that you are fitting the profile and Weave-Along into your guild plans. This is just a bare-bones start, but wouldn't it be cool if guilds all over the country worked on this or something like it together? We have an incredible system out there and having closer contact and communication with each other would be so very marvelous. I feel lucky that I have taught workshops and given lectures to so many guilds across the country. Picturing each one of them makes me wish you could all know each other. I had a great time at the Paumanok Guild, Nancy, and remember it so well, though I bet it's been ten to twenty years ago! Hi to you all!


on 2 Apr 2011 5:50 PM
on 3 Jun 2011 2:21 PM

I see a lot of lovely fabrics inspired by the two block profile.

I am confused. The other day I uploaded pictures of my interpretation of Mary Atatwer's profile draft (two shaft thick and thin structure).

 I do not see these pictures anymore anywhere. What could have happened?

Should I re-upload?

Erica de Ruiter,

Malden,  The Netherlands

Hope Thomas wrote
on 9 Jul 2011 12:40 PM

I chose to do this draft in doouble weave. BUT the yarns I chose were very different- a slubby thick silk and 8/2 tencel. So-o I had great tension problems and lots of places where the threads didn't weave in. I have mended and mended! I intend to get a photo into the gallery soon so you cansee what you think.  Hope