Member Project Galleries

Weaving Today fans love to weave and in our Member Project Gallery you now have a way to share pictures of your weaving projects and samples with a vibrant community of like minded folks. The Member Galleries are a great place to find weaving inspiration or to inspire others by sharing your projects–think of it as the digital version of the weaver’s handshake!

In the Members Project Galleries you’ll find projects from all kinds of weavers who use a variety of looms from floor looms to rigid-heddle looms, inkle looms, tablet or card weaving, and much more! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or let someone know just how awesome their project is. Check back frequently for dose of inspiration and a dash of community.

Choose your category below all or click here to browse through all inspirational weaving project images from members.

You can also view our archived galleries here:
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