Free Recycled Yarn Projects: Plastic Bag & T-Shirt Weaving Techniques

Weaving rag rugs is one of those things everyone thinks is a great idea, but most people never get around to trying. That’s probably because many don’t understand how simple the process is, and how well it’s suited to weaving supplies that you have lying around the house. In fact, you don’t need much yarn at all for these projects: it’s all about upcycling here. Take a pile of old t-shirts, add a pair of scissors and some elbow grease to the mix and you have yourself almost all the yarn you’ll need.

Download this book of sakiori and rag rug patterns and you’ll be well on your way to a craft addiction.


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Project to learn how to weave a blanket

Project 1: Plastic Bag Weaving

Tote from Recycled Plastic Bags by Anne McKenzie

"For some time I’ve been making shopping totes from recycled plastic bags or from used plastic tablecloths," says McKenzie. "It is rewarding to take my handwoven totes to the grocery store, especially now that we are all being encouraged to bring our own bags. These totes are sturdy and washable, and it’s always fun to see what sort of pattern the plastic strips create!"

Beautiful hand-woven throws

Project 2: Recycling Plastic Bags into Totes

A Dressed-Up Recycled Bag by Virginia Balch


Since we’ve learned how plastic shopping bags have been making their way into the oceans and killing marine
life, such as birds, turtles, and dolphins, weavers have been looking for ways to recycle and reuse. Recycled materials—especially plastic bags—are finding their ways to weavers’ looms! This version is perfect for everyday runs to the grocery store.

free rag weaving pattern

Project 3: How to Make a Rug out of T-Shirts

Perfect Marriage T-Shirt Yarn Rug by Amanda Robinette

Learn new t-shirt weaving techniques to apply to other t-shirt yarn projects when you take on this rag rug. You’ll start by making t-shirt yarn that’s sturdy and simple, then you’ll learn how to turn the jersey into a DIY t-shirt rug.

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