Weaving Supplies

Who doesn’t enjoy a run to the LYS for weaving supplies? Learn about some of the newest yarns, embellishments, and other supplies you will need to make your studio or weaving space complete.


Take a Class with Robyn Spady

A few weeks ago, Robyn Spady launched our new weaving webinar program, and over 2,000 of you signed up to join her for an interactive online presentation full of fresh ideas for successful weaving. A good time was had by all, and in two weeks, Robyn will be sharing even more ideas. Here's Laura Esposito,…


Yarning for Answers

Handweaving Supplies: A Guide to Choosing, Designing, and Weaving with Yarn Yarn is the joy and sometimes the bane of handweavers. Choose the right yarns, and a project sings. Choose the wrong yarns and, instead of weaving a handsome pattern, you can spend a lot of time and money producing a nondescript mess. Just as…


Why Stash Reduction is a Mystical Concept

In every weaver’s life, the time comes when yarn accumulation must stop, at least temporarily. Either financial, space, or spousal limits occasionally demand that, “No more yarn must enter this house/studio until you use up what you already have.” (I can hear the collective, audible sigh of “Yes, but…”) Karen's impressive yarn stash.   We…


Time For Free Stuff

Learn How to Weave with Weaving Today: Weaving Terms, Warping a Loom and More You already know how to weave or are well on your way! Chances are when friends and family see the stunning pieces you have woven on your loom, someone says, "I want to learn how to weave." That is exactly why we…


Weaving Equipment

Download Now So, what do you really need? Everyone knows you need a loom, but there are many other accessories to consider. You’ll want to have at least 100 heddles on each shaft—the wider the warp and the finer the threads, the more heddles you’ll need. Download Now


Yarn Substitutions

Download Now New weavers are often puzzled by the numbers that identify yarns: 10/2, for example, or 4,200 yd/lb. These numbers are very useful, especially when you want to weave a project that call for lots of yarns. You may not want to buy a whole cone to get just a small amount. Instead, you…


Yarn Requirements

Download Now There is nothing worse than happily weaving along and suddenly realizing that you are about to run out of warp (or weft) before you’ve reached the woven length you need. You call everywhere to order more yarn (you’d pay for Next Hour) but—oh, no!—that yarn no longer exists. A much better MO for…