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Warping boards, paddles, raddles, hooks, shuttles, bobbins, and more! Learn about these and other weaving tools on Weaving Today.

Christina's new old favorite warping tool

(Re) Learning Lessons in Warping

I have a confession to make. Though I have been warping and weaving for almost five years it’s only in this past year that I’ve started using both a sleying hook and threading hook when I warp. When I warped my very first “real” project on the loom I tried using both of these tools…

How to Choose a Shuttle for Weaving

Sara Bixler Contributor, Weaving Today weavingtoday.com Choosing a shuttle is one of those age-old discussions that begins on your first day of weaving and carries through year of weaving experience. As an instructor, students are always asking me, “What’s your favorite shuttle”? In uttering those words what they’re really asking me is for the green…


The Quest for Weaving Perfection

Who among us doesn’t love having an “Aha!” moment where we learn a new trick or technique that somehow makes our weaving lives easier. No matter how long we’ve been weaving, there’s always something new to learn, some new reason to shout, “Eureka!” In her post, weaver and author Sherrie Amada Miller recounts a recent…


Take a Class with Robyn Spady

A few weeks ago, Robyn Spady launched our new weaving webinar program, and over 2,000 of you signed up to join her for an interactive online presentation full of fresh ideas for successful weaving. A good time was had by all, and in two weeks, Robyn will be sharing even more ideas. Here's Laura Esposito,…

Weaving Tips n' Techniques Free Preview Webinar

Watch this weaving webinar with Robyn Spady and learn eight tips and techniques to improve your weaving experience. From beginner to advanced, this webinar is suitable for weavers of all skill levels.  Learn even more great tricks for weaving with this FREE eBook: bit.ly/howtoweavefree


Yarning for Answers

Handweaving Supplies: A Guide to Choosing, Designing, and Weaving with Yarn Yarn is the joy and sometimes the bane of handweavers. Choose the right yarns, and a project sings. Choose the wrong yarns and, instead of weaving a handsome pattern, you can spend a lot of time and money producing a nondescript mess. Just as…


Free Weaving Tools Guide from Weaving Today

Hand Weaving Supplies: A Guide to Using a Warping Board, Weaving Shuttle, and Other Weaving Tools   Many years ago, a starry-eyed young spinner in an Earth-Mother phase assured me that one could spin any fiber on anything, and then proudly demonstrated that she could spin with a potato stuck on a stick. To which…


Another Freebie from Weaving Today!

All About Weaving Looms with Weaving Today: A Guide to Selecting and Using a Weaving Loom Maybe you are contemplating an addition to your loom collection? I know. It is shameful, but many of us do have loom collections. Perhaps you want to take the plunge and buy your first loom? It can be overwhelming…


Time For Free Stuff

Learn How to Weave with Weaving Today: Weaving Terms, Warping a Loom and More You already know how to weave or are well on your way! Chances are when friends and family see the stunning pieces you have woven on your loom, someone says, "I want to learn how to weave." That is exactly why we…