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Weaving Tips n' Techniques Free Preview Webinar

Watch this weaving webinar with Robyn Spady and learn eight tips and techniques to improve your weaving experience. From beginner to advanced, this webinar is suitable for weavers of all skill levels.  Learn even more great tricks for weaving with this FREE eBook:


Weaving a Sámi patterned band

This video shows how to weave a Sámi patterned band using a double slotted heddle ( the Sunna heddle from Stoorstalka). This project appears in the March/April 2013 edition of Handwoven magazine. The double slotted heddle is designed to make patterned band weaving easier to learn and quicker to do. The curved Gehpa shuttle from…


Weaving Silk Brocade in Wuzhen, China

While researching silk production for the Winter 2011 issue of the SpinKnit eMag, editor Anne Merrow saw weavers creating silk brocade in Wuzhen, China. The brocade looms are operated by two master weavers, one who sits atop the loom and manipulates groups of heddles and another who site on the bench and passes the shuttles and…