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What better way to pass on the joy of creating beautiful woven items to the future generation of young crafters than teaching children how to weave. Not only will children find it fun, but weaving can be a therapeutic, productive activity, and great for improving dexterity and concentration. Not only is the art itself a great activity for all ages, but the types of weaving projects for kids are so vast and inexpensive to make. These step by step instructions are perfect for creating fun and beautiful pieces of handwoven art.

These clear, step-by-step kids weaving loom instructions guide weavers through the process of creating a cardboard loom from a box to create a unique tapestry bag plus fun felted winter accessories. Great for any beginner, the techniques learned in these kids weaving projects can lead to endless possibilities. See the love and joy of hand weaving come to life for any child exploring these fun and easy projects.


From cardboard loom weaving to weaving on a pin loom, these projects can be enjoyed by kids and beginners.

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Learn how to make a cardboard loom and how to felt woven fabric.

Transforming trash into treasure can be one of life’s great joys. How about turning an ordinary box into a three-dimensional, four-selvedge, portable cardboard loom? Even kids can’t resist the pleasure of pawing through the recycling bin—searching, testing, assessing—trying to find a box that is the perfect size for the bag they want to make! Or weave the perfect winter accessories: a hat and purse woven on a pin loom. Along with these FREE projects, you’ll become a part of the online community. Your membership provides you access to our free projects library (including even more free handwoven designs), our community blogs, and our daily email newsletter with all sorts of tips and tricks!

Free cardboard loom weaving project for kids

Cardboard Loom Weaving for Kids

Weave a Tapestry
Bag on a Box by Sarah Swett

Perfect boxes for weaving bags can come in many sizes. This box would be just right for a briefcase, that for a tote bag, and, why, that one will slip right into the overhead bin on an airplane! Once you’ve enjoyed the pleasure of plucking a sturdy loom from the trash, you’ll never look at the UPS truck in quite the same way. To heck with the contents—it is the box that counts! Weaving on a box is straightforward, exciting, and a great way to use up bits and pieces of yarn.

Weaving Project for Children

Free Weaving Projects for Kids

Felted hat and purse by Deborah Shelmidine

Here’s a brightly colored felted flower of a hat as a reminder of spring when the weather turns cold and blustery! A purse in similar colors (see pages 8–9) is inspired by the popular felted purses made from knitted or crocheted squares. Pin-loom-woven squares work just as well for felting and can be faster to make!

These projects are great for beginning weavers and kids alike.

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Make a weaving loom for kids to create fun handwoven projects