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Love to look at weaving? You’re in good company! Check out our weaving galleries to see what projects fellow weavers have made, or upload your own photo and show us what’s on your loom.


Dish Towels

Description 8-shaft Dish Towels. Warp is 8/2 Cotton. Sett 20 epi. Weft are Cotton – Linen 50/50% and some are Linen 100%. Fabric & Materials 8/2 Cotton Cotolin Linen


Clasped-Weft Rug on Rigid Heddle

Description Small rug for the living room or bedroom, woven on a rigid-heddle loom, with carpet cotton for warp and acrylic yarn for weft. Woven in a clasped-weft pattern with two shuttles to create the striped patterning. Difficulty Easy Fabric & Materials Carpet cotton and acrylic Rigid heddle loom


“Wanda Plaid” Scarf

Description A friend of my wife gave me 2 hand wound balls of pink wool that I may weave something for her. I could not make anything just pink so I went and got some Burgundy wool matching size to the wool she gave me. As I just got my “new” used loom, I thought…


Inkle Band

Description My first inkle band by my own pattern. Difficulty Easy inkle weaving  


Rainbow Scarf

Description I started this handwoven scarf project as the Nancy Paterson Hearts ‘n Bones Scarf, but changed it just a little…. Difficulty Easy  


Table Runner (Happy accident)

Description It started out as a table runner with a “houndstooth” pattern on a rigid heddle. Well…let’s just say my runner has a bark but no bite, so to say. I was using a 7.5 heddle double threaded. Warping and threading the loom was good, but some where around the tying off is where it…


Pink Tartan scarf

Description The colors and pattern are my own design. The tartan was designed using a free tartan design generator program, found at https://www.scotweb.co.uk/tartandesign/design/  if you’d like to make your own tartan! On loom measurement: 12.3″ wide by 72″ long. Difficulty Intermediate  

Moms Birthday Scarf

Mom’s Birthday Scarf

Description My second time weaving a scarf on a four shaft loom, it was woven for my mother’s birthday. I warped the loom to produce two scarves at 9″ in reed and about 80″ long, with 10″ twisted fringe. The photo was taken fresh off the loom before fabric finishing. Difficulty Easy  

Handwoven cushion cover woven on a frame loom

Frame loom cushion cover

Description I wove this cushion cover on a 50 x 50 nails frame loom, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. I really like this project because it could also be easily done in a 1/3 twill pattern, with a very interesting visual effect. Hope you like it! Difficulty Easy Fabric & Materials Carpet cotton…


Frame Loom Placemat and Coaster

Description This placemat was woven on a 42 x 42 nails frame loom, in a houndstooth pattern, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. The coaster was woven on a small pin loom (10 cm x 10cm), in the same pattern. Both were a delight to make, and a proof that many interesting things can…