Blooming Flower Scarf – 4 Shaft

This handwoven scarf was designed by a Weaving Today member.
Blooming Flower scarf dyed with cochineal

Woven on my 4-shaft compact leclerc  floor loom.  I designed this handwoven scarf pattern.  Although it’s a relatively simple repeat, I still had to stay very focused when weaving. If I mixed up where I was, it was difficult to find again.

I was running out of stash, so I wove it using 2/8 mercerized cotton.  I usually like to use tencel or silk, but the cotton is nice too. It’s not as subtle, but that’s okay.  I dyed the colours with natural dyes: indigo, golden rod, cochineal

Handwoven scarf designed, woven, and dyed by a member of the Weaving Today community.
Blooming flower scarf dyed with indigo
Unmercerized cotton and natural dyes give this handwoven scarf an elegant yet rustic look.
Blooming flower scarf dyed with goldenrod

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