Dahlia dress – the whole process

From raw yarn to the final garment.

Here you can see how my handwoven dress is made. 

Weaving technique is ondule woven with the fun reed.

Warp is made out of bourette silk and some cotton,weft is rayon and cotton / rayon blend. 

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 Vesna Plese

About Vesna Plese

Hello to all,

I am  a textile designer and  weaver / teacher from Croatia,a small country with amazing weaving tradition. Sadly today there are not many weavers left so in the School of Applied Arts and Design ( opened 130 years ago ) where I learned to weave almost 4o years ago, now I teach my students traditional and artistic weaving.

In my studio I have 4 different hand looms,and I weave ,tapestries,carpets,rugs accessories and fabrics for clothing and interior design.

Years ago I discovered japanese ondule weaving ( with so called fun reed ) which i love and use it mostly for the  multicolored shawls and scarves.

Searching the web I rarely found weavers that use this technique and I will be happy if they contact me and let me see their work.

I love natural fibers and I dye it myself in order to create unique pieces.


I am a  Current chairman of the textile section of ULUPUH( Croatian Society of Artists of Applied Arts).