There are few things better than wearing your own handwoven garments. Check out this gallery to see handwoven vests, dresses, skirts, tops, and more.


Dahlia dress – the whole process

From raw yarn to the final garment. Here you can see how my handwoven dress is made.  Weaving technique is ondule woven with the fun reed. Warp is made out of bourette silk and some cotton,weft is rayon and cotton / rayon blend. 


Highlands Fest Waulking Cloth

I just started my 'waulking' cloth for the 2010 Long's Peak Highland Fest, Estes Park, CO.  It's about 3 weeks out, so I'm a bit behind, but it's only 8 epi to leave lots of room for fulling.  Eight yards to go.  I considered several tartans (both from my own family and my husbands) but in the end decided…