Home Décor

Get inspiration on how to decorate your own home with handweaving from this gallery of handwoven home decor. This is the place to see beautiful woven pillows, wall hangings, and upholstery.


Clasped-Weft Rug on Rigid Heddle

Description Small rug for the living room or bedroom, woven on a rigid-heddle loom, with carpet cotton for warp and acrylic yarn for weft. Woven in a clasped-weft pattern with two shuttles to create the striped patterning. Difficulty Easy Fabric & Materials Carpet cotton and acrylic Rigid heddle loom

Handwoven cushion cover woven on a frame loom

Frame loom cushion cover

Description I wove this cushion cover on a 50 x 50 nails frame loom, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. I really like this project because it could also be easily done in a 1/3 twill pattern, with a very interesting visual effect. Hope you like it! Difficulty Easy Fabric & Materials Carpet cotton…


My Blessings Shield

Close up of Sculptural Handspun Yarn Needle weaving in the Round, by HeartSong Studio. Warped and Woven on a Knitting Loom http://heartsongstudio2.blogspot.com/


Spring Weaving

An exercise in Embroidery Floss and Threads, and Raffia Ribbon, on a 7" loom. by Laura Abbott, HeartSong Studio http://heartsongstudio2.blogspot.com/


Waffle weave bath towel

Hi, guys, this is my waffle weave towel, washed and ready to go. I wanted to post this here because Handwoven has been an incredible font of inspiration for years, but this is the first time I followed all the instructions of a project. This one is from Handwoven magazine sept/oct 2014, page 54 –…


Life forces

418 tablets!  120×190 cm For my knowledge this is the biggest tablet weaving. www.ecoweaving.com https://www.facebook.com/gonit.ecoweaving?ref=hl


Overshot t-shirt yarn rug

This rug was woven with carpet cotton for warp and tarn for weft. The pattern is Orange Peel, by Josephine Estes. My inspiration for this piece was Tom Knisely´s rug with the same pattern.


Twill t-shirt yarn rug

I love weaving with tarn, and I love weaving twill on my 4-shaft floor loom. So, I made this rug, as colorful as I could, in a Bird´s Eye pattern, playing with colors. For the fringes, I decided on a Macramé Josephine knot, which made me very pleased. As always, I thank Handwoven crew for all…