Ondulé weaving with fan reed

Ondulé weaving with home made fan reed

Multicolored warp – 9 different space dyed skeins –  bourette silk

weft space dyed bourette silk

woven in plain weave that shows lengthwise wavy pattern the best  

Woven for a shawl 

Hand dyed, handwoven by Vesna Pleše


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 Vesna Plese

About Vesna Plese

Hello to all,

I am  a textile designer and  weaver / teacher from Croatia,a small country with amazing weaving tradition. Sadly today there are not many weavers left so in the School of Applied Arts and Design ( opened 130 years ago ) where I learned to weave almost 4o years ago, now I teach my students traditional and artistic weaving.

In my studio I have 4 different hand looms,and I weave ,tapestries,carpets,rugs accessories and fabrics for clothing and interior design.

Years ago I discovered japanese ondule weaving ( with so called fun reed ) which i love and use it mostly for the  multicolored shawls and scarves.

Searching the web I rarely found weavers that use this technique and I will be happy if they contact me and let me see their work.

I love natural fibers and I dye it myself in order to create unique pieces.


I am a  Current chairman of the textile section of ULUPUH( Croatian Society of Artists of Applied Arts).