Not all projects can be easily categorized, so this is for all those other weaving projects that don’t quite fit in the other categories.


Inkle Band

Description My first inkle band by my own pattern. Difficulty Easy inkle weaving  


Bedford cord

Back view showing layer of floating weft threads at the back, and wadding warp thread between the two layers. 


Bedford cord

A self-padded fabric with warp 'wadding' threads which become encased between two layers during weaving. Absolutely magic! Am planning to do a bedspread with this weave, in more neutral colours. 


Waffle weave bath towel

Hi, guys, this is my waffle weave towel, washed and ready to go. I wanted to post this here because Handwoven has been an incredible font of inspiration for years, but this is the first time I followed all the instructions of a project. This one is from Handwoven magazine sept/oct 2014, page 54 –…