Rag Bag Tote

All the pieces for this bag were woven on circular knitting looms.  Even the side strip.  This project shows that it is possible to do dimensional weaving utilizing circular knitting looms.

HeartSong Studio


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This is Me.  Way, way back when; the Young Weaver.  Life interrupted this process, and I spent many years surviving a bad marriage, and subsequently working in order to keep a roof over my head.  It is now, decades later, and I am living on Disability. I found my way back to my Spindles and Hand Spinning.  And eventually I discovered I need no longer depend on the more traditional floor looms.  I could be quite happy weaving on small hand looms. I takes me FOREVER to spin a finished skein of yarn, or complete a small weaving.  But I LOVE that I have found my way back to the Fiber World. And I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the way.