Spring Weaving

An exercise in Embroidery Floss and Threads, and Raffia Ribbon, on a 7" loom.

by Laura Abbott, HeartSong Studio


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HeartSong Studio

About HeartSong Studio

This is Me.  Way, way back when; the Young Weaver.  Life interrupted this process, and I spent many years surviving a bad marriage, and subsequently working in order to keep a roof over my head.  It is now, decades later, and I am living on Disability. I found my way back to my Spindles and Hand Spinning.  And eventually I discovered I need no longer depend on the more traditional floor looms.  I could be quite happy weaving on small hand looms. I takes me FOREVER to spin a finished skein of yarn, or complete a small weaving.  But I LOVE that I have found my way back to the Fiber World. And I enjoy sharing what I've learned along the way.