Table Linens

Weavers of all levels love weaving towels, handwoven runners, and other table linens. Weaving napkins and placemats is a great way to create a set of handwoven table linens that match your dishes perfectly. Check out this gallery to see what other weavers have on their tables and in their kitchens and get inspiration for your next set of handwoven towels!


Dish Towels

Description 8-shaft Dish Towels. Warp is 8/2 Cotton. Sett 20 epi. Weft are Cotton – Linen 50/50% and some are Linen 100%. Fabric & Materials 8/2 Cotton Cotolin Linen


Table Runner (Happy accident)

Description It started out as a table runner with a “houndstooth” pattern on a rigid heddle. Well…let’s just say my runner has a bark but no bite, so to say. I was using a 7.5 heddle double threaded. Warping and threading the loom was good, but some where around the tying off is where it…


Frame Loom Placemat and Coaster

Description This placemat was woven on a 42 x 42 nails frame loom, in a houndstooth pattern, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. The coaster was woven on a small pin loom (10 cm x 10cm), in the same pattern. Both were a delight to make, and a proof that many interesting things can…


Modified Log Cabin Runner

Description Woven runner made on a rigid-heddle loom with an 8-dent heddle. Threaded at 8 epi, with carpet cotton for warp and weft. Fun and fast weaving project! Some macramé for finishing the fringes, and that was all! Difficulty Easy Pattern Name Modified Log Cabin Runner Fabric & Materials Rigid-heddle loom with an 8-dent heddle Carpet cotton for…


Thanksgiving Towels

Description These were my Thanksgiving towels for 2015. One for me to keep and one to give to our host. Easy 4-shaft twill in fall colors with a pop of blue! Difficulty Easy Fabric & Materials 8/2 Cotton  


Patterned doubleweave runner

I´m so happy I finally got to weave in doubleweave. This is a runner, in 8/4 pearl cotton red and black, with an overshot pattern, called Double Chariot Wheels, from Josephine Estes. This is my first try on doubleweave, and I must say, I´m in love with it – Jennifer Moore´s material is a wonderful…


Summer & Winter Towels

I wove this set of 4 Summer & Winter towels using a pattern from Handwoven Magazine 1986, there was a mistake in the pattern, see my Ravelry post, Sunnyview where I wrote up the correction. This is a 4-H pattern woven in 5/2 pearl cotton.



Towels again, love making towels,  8/2 organic cottons , rigid heddle loom, waffle weave and houndstooth