Weaving Projects & Patterns

Weavers know them as patterns, drafts, or threading diagrams. They are the foundation of handwoven designs and can be simple or complex depending on the chosen structure and color palette. Browse through Weaving Today’s collection of weaving projects and drafts. New designs are added often.

Tons of weaving patterns chosen for fall by the Handwoven team!

Fall Into Autumn Weaving

I can’t be the only one who’s totally ready for cooler weather! Here at Weaving Today, we’ve been in full on fall mode for a while, choosing weaving patterns for the Autumn Weaving Pattern Pack. Here’s Christina Garton, associate editor of Handwoven, to fill you with autumnal weaving inspiration! ~Andrea Growing up in the Midwest,…

These DIY wall hanging techniques will unleash your creativity.

Fill Your Home with DIY Woven Art

I’m totally obsessed with the woven DIY wall hanging trend that’s sweeping the web this year. All summer, I’ve been waiting for Rachel Denbow’s gorgeous, inspiring book DIY Woven Art …and it’s finally here! Rachel walks you through the steps to build several homemade looms and provides tons of inspiration. But, best of all, she…

Weaving projects perfect for celebrating a special event or the act of weaving itself.

Celebrate Weaving, Celebrate Life

Weaving is an act of celebration, as anyone who’s ever given or received a handwoven gift knows very well. The September/October issue of Handwoven dives into this theme with a collection of weaving projects for special events, thoughtful gifts, and more. Here’s Christina to share some pictures, experiences, and stories from the International Folk Art…

Tons of inspiration for woven table runner patterns!

Editor’s Picks: Runners to Brighten Your Table

Weavers love table runners, and for good reason! Runners allow you to minimize waste and time spent finishing, and they are wonderful for practicing a new weaving technique or weave structure. Whether you weave them on four shafts, eight shafts, or a rigid heddle, there’s a lot to learn by weaving runners. I asked the…


A Summer Picnic Daydream for Four Shafts

For many of us, summer’s busy schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for weaving. But it’s a wonderful season for daydreaming! Lately, I personally have been thinking about weaving more than I’ve actually been weaving. To be more accurate, I’ve been dreaming of having completed handwoven pieces to use and show off. I’ve been…

Let this inspire your summer weaving projects!

Finding Your Summer Weaving Inspiration

There’s nothing like looking at gorgeous textiles to inspire a weaver’s creativity, particularly textiles from across time and oceans! Here’s Christina to share some of her most inspiring textile finds of the summer, as well as a few weaving projects that are bursting with the bright colors of the season. ~Andrea I’ve always loved Indian…


New Beginnings and Beginners’ Spring Weaving

Spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings. This adage has proven its merit this year as I have been settling into my new role as online editor of Weaving Today, while also learning to weave on 4 shaft and rigid heddle. I love the energy of spring weaving as I dive into these new…

1Murphy, Marilyn

Vientiane Scarf

Go There Now Designer: Marilyn Murphy Equipment: Rigid-heddle or 2-shaft loom with 10″ weaving width, 10-dent heddle/reed, 2 shuttles Finished Size: 9″ x 58″ plus 3″ fringe at each end

1Lambert, CeiF

Summer Plaid Scarf

Go There Now Designer: Cei Lambert Equipment: Rigid-heddle or 2-shaft loom with 10″ weaving width, 12-dent heddle/reed, 3 shuttles Finished Size: 5 1/2″ x 63″ plus 6″ fringe at each end

1Osborn, Kate Gagnon

Water’s Edge Scarf

Go There Now Designer: Kate Gagnon Osborne Equipment: Rigid-heddle or 2-shaft loom with 20″ weaving width, 10-dent heddle/reed, 2 boat shuttles, 4 bobbins Finished Size: 10″ x 62 1/2″ plus 4″ fringe at each end